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It actually worked

Dropped phone on the beach and sound was completely messed up, this app made it sound clear as day and shocked me when it did. Great app- actually works

Really worked!!

I was in my pool with my iphone 8 and thinking it would be cool to talk a picture underwater... i did. as soon as i got out i checked if everything on my phone worked, like the screen, all my apps, and volume. when i noticed that my volume sounded off i downloaded this app and used frequency of 160. as soon as it started i noticed that water started dripping out of my speakers. now the volume works perfectly fine

Saved. My. Life.

I have always brought my phone with me whether it was in the shower or in the pool. I know it sounds risky, but it was a risk i was willing to take. I have always had my phone in the shower to play music since I got it over a year ago, and I usually hold my phone (above water, of course) in the pool while I tan so I can watch videos or something. Today, I actually left my phone on a table near the pool instead of bringing it in, but my speakers started to make thhe muffled sound! I was distraught and confused, and also worried that I may have ruined my phone. I placed it in rice for almost 2 hours and NOTHING. I finally came across an article that said to download this app and play a frequency between 160-170 HZ. After playing the sound for about 3-5 minutes, my speakers went back to their original state, with water droplets coming from the speaker itself! I was in disbelief and relieved. Thank GOD for this savior of an app.


To be perfectly honest I thought this would do nothing but play annoying sounds, that is until i turned it on and saw water rushing out of my bottom speakers😱. 10/10 would recommend

Great app

This worked so quick!! I ran out of rice and was desperate to get the water out because my dumb self took my iphone in the bath and dropped it... has happened multiple times but this time volume was muffled so i downloaded this!! Thank you :)

Saved me!

This app just saved me. I stupidly dropped my phone in the dogs water bowl and this fixed my speakers right up!


Installed this app yesterday (phone has never been in water) and shortly afterwards my phone started acting all weird and shutting itself off and on repeatedly. I took my iPhone to Apple, apparently the app had installed a virus, causing my phone to hard reset itself. Ended up having to wipe my phone out completely. Very disappointed. Do not download this app.


I went to a swimming pool party and used my phone to record things both in the pool and underwater; I mean it’s the iPhone 8 Plus, so it’s water resistant, right? Not like I had it there the whole time. My screen never had a problem but when I got home and started playing music on my phone, the audio was muffled in both speakers. I stayed calm, knowing I still had to wait a little and turned my phone off and put it in some rice. Three hours later, only the earpiece speakers were fixed. Kinda freaking out now. I started googling things and I saw they said to wait awhile, then I stumbled upon this article about the Apple Watch having a water removing sound? Searched it for the iPhone and I got this app. Thank goodness I found it! After about five minutes of playing the audio at 167, my speakers were back to perfection. Thank you for saving me $800 and an a** whooping from mad parents!

Great app

I rarely review apps but this one is amazing. It helped with get rid of all the water in my speaker in a matter of seconds. I played it at 165 Hz. Thank you.

Great app but...

The app is fantastic! No flaws or bugs and 1 non-intrusive ad! Great for removing water from your phone speaker or testing out a speakers frequency response. The only thing I think would make the app perfect would be the ability to type a certain frequency because it is very difficult to get to a specific frequency while sliding your finger, or maybe adding some buttons at the top to go up or down 1 hertz.

Immediately fixed water damaged speakers

I have no idea how it did it, but it did. Immediately. I’m at a loss for words.


So I have an iPhone 7, which is so-called water resistant. Whenever I go to a pool, I usually put it in a waterproof pouch so I can take pictures. Today, for some reason, water got into the pouch. I didn’t fret because I knew that my phone was somewhat durable with water. WRONG. I tried to use my speakers, and the sound was ridiculously terrible. It was screechy. I was about to use rice, until I found online that this app will remove the water. I tried it out because I saw that it had many good reviews. INSTANT RELIEF. IT SAVED MY PHONE. The audio was immediately cured. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS APP.

Cannot change frequency

I tried swiping up and down to change the frequency, but it doesn’t work on Apple Watch. Only on the iPhone version.


I’ve been working on it for weeks. It doesn’t work at all!!!

Helps get water out of speakers

When I got water in my speakers I played the sound on this app and it came right out

IPhone X

So I got in the shower last night with my phone and got a VERY little bit of water in my speaker and it sounds really muffled and almost blown. I found this app on YouTube and decided to try it. I used it st 150-170 hz and it worked!!! Please please please try this before you give up!!!

Actually the best thing ever

I took my iPhone 7+ into the shower, and i guess some water droplets got on it (even though i had a ziploc bag around it) and my upper speaker started to sound muffled and damaged, so i googled the problem and was told to download this app and mess with the frequencies. I didn’t even have to do it for that long, like 2 mins and the speaker is perfect again.

Works very well

Cleared the water out of my speakers in seconds.


Speaker wasn’t working used it for a minute and boom now it works again thanks

Fix Needed

I doubt this’ll be fixed but you can’t change the frequency on the Watch App. The rest is okay.

Definitely works

I have the iPhone X and I was changing music while my phone was on the toilet and water dropped down my arm to the phone and went in the speaker, so I started playing music as loud as I could to get as much as I could out. It wasn’t working so I looked up how to get it out and a article suggested this app. My first thought was that this wasn’t going to work and I would have to wait till it evaporated or something but when I tried the app it forced the water out and fixed the speakers in a very short amount time.

Literal life-saver

If you have water trapped in your speakers use this app. It gets rid of the water quickly and requires no rice and minimal effort. I find that the lower the frequency the better.

Worked for me!

Cat knocked my iPhone 8 into sink full of water. I pulled it out right away, phone was on and okay but sound was very muffled on top speaker. Downloaded this app and had to play with the volume and intensity for about 5 minutes and then it cleared up. Back to normal. Brilliant.

Works like a charm.

I thought it was awesome. But very simply I got some water in my speakers and used the water button, and the water emerged in a foamy bubbly form and I wiped it off and my speakers were good as new. Very good!


Seriously life saving. So crazy how this fixed some water damage to my sound on my iPhone 7 Plus !!!

Muffled Speaker after Steam? This is the fix!

Like others, I was hesitant as to whether or not this would fixed my iPhone speaker, muffled after forgetting to turn the vents on during a shower. However, after running this for just a few moments, my phone was back to normal and working like a charm. I highly recommend this app!


I dropped my phone into my bathtub and the speakers made sounds and my voice sound muffled. Rice takes like 48 hours and I didn’t have the time for that. I read online about this hack and ummm it totally worked I just put the volume all the way up and went from high to low frequencies and all the water was out in about 5 minutes. I went DEAF for 5 minutes HAHA but it’s worth it and totally not a hoax!

Amazing App!

This helped me clear the water out of my iPhone 7 so quickly and effectively!

Amazing Frequency App Saves I Phone X

Like anyone I was very suspicious when my iPhone X was not waterproof or water resistant as it seemed. After a vigorous research the Internet and Apple said that I could put my iPhone under water down 3 feet either someone lied to me or My phone is defective because I got water all in my speaker after dipping it in a swimming pool to take a picture under water but then shortly afterwards while playing a song it made a terrible noise as if something was stuck in the speaker so I looked up how to clear an iPhone speaker and this app showed up as most people would be I was very skeptical at first but honestly this app is A hero, hero that saved my iPhone and for that I think the developer and the app for great service


I’m 13 and this is the most life saving-app EVER! I read a review on this after seeing an article and thought, hey my speaker is like distorted or something (I took it in the pool with a water proof case but it was not snapped on all the way) why not give it a try. I had about half faith in the app now I have over full faith in it. Just play it and pull it from up to down slowly for about 2 min. And it completely takes the water out!!

It worked!

I dropped my iPhone X in my bath and I thought the speaker was done with. This app totally saved my phone instantly! I played the noise for around 30 seconds and now my phone sounds like it never touched water. I never write app reviews but this is so compelling!

Definitely a life saver!

I accidentally dropped my phone in the washing Machine. Everything on the phone was working fine except for the speakers. I knew they had water in them. Downloaded this app, put it on 160 and let it get all the water out! Speakers instantly went back to normal!!

Saved my speakers

Thank you so much. I dropped my phone in water and it muffled my speakers so bad but a reddit article said to use this app and it worked perfectly. My sound is now back to normal. Thanks !!!!!

Amazing app

So I ended up dropping my iPhone 7 in the bath tub for about 5 seconds and my speaker was muffled and I was freaking out! So I looked it up and tried get the blow dryer out and doing that with the setting on cool. Not even that worked. So then I came across this app and I tried s bunch of different things and it ended up making my speaker sound like nothing had ever happened to it! I 10/10 recommend this!!!

Good app

I like the app I use it on my apple watch it's useful but I crashes sometimes and I can't set the the sound its only at 440 Hz so If u could update the app for the apple watch i would appreciate it thanks.

I can sleep again!

I. Downloaded this app because my new neighbors dogs would shut the heck up and I work nights so it’s annoying. Now when they start barking I just turn it up and they stop barking. What a life saver

needs basic settings

The option to select frequency only works by sliding up and down the screen, which is super sensitive, even lifting a finger always changes the value. please add ability to manually set the range. also on new watchos 4.3 you can't adjust frequency anymore. otherwise this would be a really sweet app

Good, but one big flaw

The tones are fabulous, but if you want to play them for any length of time, you have to keep your app open and phone unlocked. You can’t let your phone go to sleep. Kinda silly. You should be able to still play the tones with the phone off, like every other app out there.

Great app!

It saved my iPhone8!


It does work guys. It pushed the water out of my iphone 7


How did this work MISTER WIZARD SCIENCE MAN?! Dumped a bunch of Pepsi on my phone, really screwed up my speakers, and eyyy this works. Blew my mind.


I too rarely write reviews, but this app is impressive. I used my phone in the shower and the speaker was muffled afterward. I literally got to witness the water coming out of my speaker cavity with this app! Super neat concept! Works well!


I got in the shower and came out with water in my speakers. I used this app for about 2 min and my speakers worked fine!

It actually works!

So after getting my iPhone7, i really had thought it was water resistant, but i never did trust it. I saw all my friends putting there phones under water and it was no big deal to them, nothing happened to their phone. But today i happened to be shaving my legs & listening to music. Well i had dropped my phone in the water. I thought nothing would happen but when i tried to play music again, there was a weird muffly noise coming from the speaker by your ear. I was so upset & didn’t know what to do. After reading the article & when it recommended me to get this app, i had no faith. I thought it was the silliest thing & wouldn’t actually work. Well i barely used it for 2min and boom! I listened to a song and my speaker is back to normal! It is amazing!!! I totally recommend this app for anyone😁😁😁

Great for testing subwoofers

This app is great for testing lower hz and tuning subwoofer boxes. My only complaint is the sensitivity of the swipe to go through the different frequencies. It's VERY sensitive. It takes a few try tries before you can land on the frequency you want. Maybe on screen buttons with frequency Up and Down may be an update. Or even a slider bar that you can actual manipulate to adjust your frequency. Overall a great app.

Gets water out!

Apple advertised my phone as water resistant 30 minutes in 3 feet deep water yet it can’t handle falling in the sink once. It was bad for a day and then I screwed around on this and now my speakers are back to normal. It’s also fun to play really annoying high pitched sounds just to bug your friends lol.

Doesn’t work anymore on the Apple Watch

It just stays at 440 and and at most times it force quits me out of the app. Please put out an update for this on the Apple Watch because the app works fine on the phone.

Water damage

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and water went straight into my speakers. I looked up to use a silica pad because I didn’t have rice available. I used his app sliding the frequencies up and down while resting my phone in the silica pad and now I can’t hear the damage anymore. Worked perfectly! Thank you!!

Not specific 👎🏻 Only increments of 5

This app doesn't provide every frequency. Only numbers ending in 5 or 0. If you want to search or use healing frequencies you will not get them here.

apple watch

doesn’t work on apple watch anymore

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