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This app literally fixed my speakers



This app saved my iphone !!

Have been using iphone for years and now is my first time rating an app. So I brought my iphone X swimming underwater with me cuz i thought it’s water proof. Hours later my speakers (bottom and ear) sounds muffled and was so sad cuz iphone not including water damage on their warranty. Did some research and found this app. Used it and it’s actually frickin working. OMG thank you kind sir for making this app!


I drop my iPhone 7 in the bath, and when I tried watching YouTube the sound was muffled, I thought my phone was a loss cause. But I read a article on how to fix that, it said to check out this app so I did because I had no other option. Just switching the frequencies high to low got the water out. And now my phone doesn’t muffle anymore, the sound is clear. If anyone else has this same problem GET THIS APP it’s awesome. Thank you to the guy who created it, you saved my phone!

It really gets water out of your iPhone speakers!!!

I was skeptical at first but after messing around with the frequencies for a few minutes I went back to check the sound of my speaker and it sounded as if nothing happened. 11/10 would recommend this to everyone I know if their phone speaker messes up.


Just read all of the five star rated reviews. Amazing how the writing style of each reviewer are the same. Is this developer calling us dumb... Offended.


So i was really scared to put my phone in water even around water 😂 ‘ but i finally put up the courage. I was super scared though so before i did i looked up what would happen. Im not the type of person to wait 2 days for the speaker to fully dry.. so i came across an article that had something to do with this app. I went through the reviews and i was loving it ! So I downloaded it and put my phone in water. I messed around with the sound (water drop) and my speakers worked the next minute!! No lie this app will come in handy 👍🏾.

Eliminate watery noise from your IPhone 7, and mess around with the app afterward

I downloaded this app in a few seconds, and was able to fix my speakers immediately, so I said “Wow this really works” I couldn’t just say bye to the app that quickly, I started to mess around with it and it was fun to mess with the hertz, but most importantly it had me saying “Wow, this is actually really useful” I don’t know what other situations you may need the app in, but it feels like a part of my phone, and it is so small and basic, I find it interesting and handy.


I was upset Bc I got it wet from playing around with my family and it sounded weird. I wasn't going to put it in rice bc I felt it was a waste. So I looked up on the internet and this app popped up. I didn’t think it’d work but I tried and it worked like my speaker was never messed up. Thank you to the creator! This worked in like 1-2 minutes! :D

thank you thank you thank you

i dropped my phone in the pool and remembered after leaving my phone in rice for a bit that the iphone 8 was supposed to be waterproof. ecstatic and relieved, i removed my phone from the rice and found that my phone turned on and worked perfectly fine. it was only after trying to watch a video that i realized from the muffled sound that there must be water in my speakers. i looked up how to get it out and only one article recommended this app; i figured it could be a scam but i was pretty desperate. i used the water drop button in the app to no avail so then tried the recommended setting of 165 hertz. it did not work immediately like the article said but after holding it upright for about a minute water began bubbling out of my phone. thank you thank you thank you a million times to this app, it really worked! be aware i have heard that if you have a iphone 6s or lower it could damage your speakers but for the newer dust/water resistant models it works like a charm.

Fixed it!

I didn’t really expect this to work but it did! As soon as I pressed play, I saw water begin to come out of my speakers and I played the song I had played before, and it sounded perfect! Thank you!


I don’t think this is what this app is meant for but it helped get water out the speakers of my iPhone 7 that I took in the shower cause I thought was water resistant probably never doing that again but phew I thought my sound was destroyed forever or I had to pay to get it fixed but this app saved me THANK YOU

Amazing o

Your app saved my phones speakers I dropped it in the toilet (I know embarrassing) I cleaned up and my phone wasn’t sounding as loud as usual so looked on YouTube and found this app i played a majority sounds and it worked. Thank you so much


Would be nice to manually input a specific number to transform. The slider is just too sensitive.

Went from hearing nothing to high volume!!!

AWESOME APP :( it saved my phone from being completely mute


It is incredibly difficult to dial in the exact frequency due to the rate of increase while scrolling.

I love this app!😫

I had gotten glue all in my speakers and when i filmed a video you couldn’t here a thing! This app worked 100%!!!😊

Did not work for me

This app did not help remove the water from my phone’s speakers as others have described in their reviews.

Muffled speaker

My speaker was muffled because I had it out while it was raining when I was playing soccer and when I got home the speakers were muffled I watched a YouTube video about this app and only after a minute of it playing at around 270Hz my speakers were good as new

Freakin life saver

Not ganna lie, I was skeptical that an app could fix my physical problem of water muffling my iPhone X speakers, specifically the ear piece one, but I’ll be damed it actually worked! It crashed my phone a couple of times, but the constant re-boots were worth it after my speaker regained its clarity like it had never happed, just be sure to close the app before locking your phone or it might get stuck in a boot loop, but props to its creator, he saved me a lot of money to get it fixed or replaced

Easy to use and actually worked for me

I don’t really write reviews much but I tried this after dropping my brand new iPhone X in a pool and it cleared out the muffled and static sounding speakers in less than 5 minutes. Very impressed would recommend 10/10.

First time reviewing

First time reviewing an app it worked so incredibly fast ***** five stars


Bruh I got into the shower listening to juice wrld and it got all mumbled when I realized it has water, I got this thinking it wouldn't work but it actually did bruh I was so surprised bruh I was waiting to be disappointed but it works try it

10/10 recommend!!

I dropped my phone in the bathtub & immediately grabbed it. although i have an iPhone 7 Plus that’s supposed to be “water proof” when i pulled it out the water my sound was muffled & i immediately started searching for a way to get the water out of my speaker & i came across this app within seconds & im glad i did. the water cleared out within 1-2 minutes & sounds like i didn’t even have the water damage in the first place :). once again 10/10 recommend ;).

Omg this app saved my phone

I used this app to get the water out of my speakers it worked

Saved my phone

About a week ago I was hiking in Arizona. My family and I reached the end and just as we turned around to head back it started pouring rain. The hike was about a mile and a half one-way, and I had my phone in my back pocket. After ten minutes or so I remembered I had my phone with me and attempted to keep it shielded from the rain with my hand. We continued to be drenched for another twenty minutes or so. Nonetheless, I played a song when we got back and the speakers sounded pretty muffled. When played at a certain volume, a static sound emitted as well. Naturally I freaked out since iPhones aren’t cheap to replace but I looked on the internet for possible solutions. I came across an article that recommended this app and I had nothing to lose, so I went ahead and downloaded it. Best decision I made that day. The interface was extremely easy to use and after using the recommended 165 Hz frequency for a couple minutes, I played the same song in nervous anticipation. It was like the water damage never happened and the speaker sounded great! Very thankful this was so effective. Highly recommend!

Charge a buck. Drop the ad.

A beautiful and simple app marred by a crummy click bait ad. Charge a buck and drop the ad.


Totally saved my phone! Thanks Apple for the not so “waterproof” phone😑 yep muffled speakers after my phone was accidentally dropped into water.. this app fixed it!


I dropped my phone in a hot tub and notice the sound was distorted than I looked it up how to fix it and it brought me to this app and it is amazing!

Love it!!

I never rate apps but I dropped my phone in the shower and started panicking. Someone on YouTube said to get this app so I got it. I touched the water drop and just left it on and then my phone was fine.


This actually worked I recommend this app

Life Saver!

I love this app! It really is a life saver. A few days ago I had been listening to music on my IPhone 8 and it had dropped into the water. I pulled it out and it seemed fine. Though when I had tried to get the music to work again it was muffled. I mean it stand up for a few hours yet the sound will still muffled. Then I put it in rice for a few hours, still nothing. Desperate I looked up what was wrong with my phone and a website had pointed me to this app. I got the app hopeful, waited for it to download and set it up to 160 did it a few times...nothing. Then I noticed the small water droplet and clicked on it. And it worked! My sound was back to normal better than before even. I would also recommend turning your sound all the way up as you do this and place a song or something as you do it. Love the app- thank you creators

A fixing miracle

This is my first time sincerely I ever used any phone or app or what ever ... this app is a life saver ... I’m using iPhone 7+ and as we know that the ear speaker also works as a speaker for songs and any media... I had problem with sound volume and quality that comes from the ear speaker so I decided to google a solution I found people using brushes.. i tried to use brush but i ended up making it worse buy making even the calling speaker u can say not working cuz I can’t hear the voice of the caller at all... I googled then there is this website talking about how to remove water that goes inside the iPhone 7 speakers while it is waterproof but sometimes after pitting it under the water it has this issue with the speakers.... so the website guided me to this app I tried it it's a miracle... much love... Note The frequency i used is around 150 to 250... ❤️


So I was first doubting this app, then as I was messing with it I saw actual water coming out of my top speaker. It definitely works and i recommend.


So I was in the pool taking underwater videos with my iPhone 8, the quality was good and I had read some articles saying the phone was water proof. It was but my sound was all messed up, like anyone I freaked out and I googled it, and in an article it recommended this app! I downloaded it and I’m about 1-2 minutes it was just as it was before! I totally recommend this 10/10!

It actually worked

Dropped phone on the beach and sound was completely messed up, this app made it sound clear as day and shocked me when it did. Great app- actually works

Really worked!!

I was in my pool with my iphone 8 and thinking it would be cool to talk a picture underwater... i did. as soon as i got out i checked if everything on my phone worked, like the screen, all my apps, and volume. when i noticed that my volume sounded off i downloaded this app and used frequency of 160. as soon as it started i noticed that water started dripping out of my speakers. now the volume works perfectly fine

Saved. My. Life.

I have always brought my phone with me whether it was in the shower or in the pool. I know it sounds risky, but it was a risk i was willing to take. I have always had my phone in the shower to play music since I got it over a year ago, and I usually hold my phone (above water, of course) in the pool while I tan so I can watch videos or something. Today, I actually left my phone on a table near the pool instead of bringing it in, but my speakers started to make thhe muffled sound! I was distraught and confused, and also worried that I may have ruined my phone. I placed it in rice for almost 2 hours and NOTHING. I finally came across an article that said to download this app and play a frequency between 160-170 HZ. After playing the sound for about 3-5 minutes, my speakers went back to their original state, with water droplets coming from the speaker itself! I was in disbelief and relieved. Thank GOD for this savior of an app.


To be perfectly honest I thought this would do nothing but play annoying sounds, that is until i turned it on and saw water rushing out of my bottom speakers😱. 10/10 would recommend

Great app

This worked so quick!! I ran out of rice and was desperate to get the water out because my dumb self took my iphone in the bath and dropped it... has happened multiple times but this time volume was muffled so i downloaded this!! Thank you :)

Saved me!

This app just saved me. I stupidly dropped my phone in the dogs water bowl and this fixed my speakers right up!


Installed this app yesterday (phone has never been in water) and shortly afterwards my phone started acting all weird and shutting itself off and on repeatedly. I took my iPhone to Apple, apparently the app had installed a virus, causing my phone to hard reset itself. Ended up having to wipe my phone out completely. Very disappointed. Do not download this app.


I went to a swimming pool party and used my phone to record things both in the pool and underwater; I mean it’s the iPhone 8 Plus, so it’s water resistant, right? Not like I had it there the whole time. My screen never had a problem but when I got home and started playing music on my phone, the audio was muffled in both speakers. I stayed calm, knowing I still had to wait a little and turned my phone off and put it in some rice. Three hours later, only the earpiece speakers were fixed. Kinda freaking out now. I started googling things and I saw they said to wait awhile, then I stumbled upon this article about the Apple Watch having a water removing sound? Searched it for the iPhone and I got this app. Thank goodness I found it! After about five minutes of playing the audio at 167, my speakers were back to perfection. Thank you for saving me $800 and an a** whooping from mad parents!

Great app

I rarely review apps but this one is amazing. It helped with get rid of all the water in my speaker in a matter of seconds. I played it at 165 Hz. Thank you.

Great app but...

The app is fantastic! No flaws or bugs and 1 non-intrusive ad! Great for removing water from your phone speaker or testing out a speakers frequency response. The only thing I think would make the app perfect would be the ability to type a certain frequency because it is very difficult to get to a specific frequency while sliding your finger, or maybe adding some buttons at the top to go up or down 1 hertz.

Immediately fixed water damaged speakers

I have no idea how it did it, but it did. Immediately. I’m at a loss for words.


So I have an iPhone 7, which is so-called water resistant. Whenever I go to a pool, I usually put it in a waterproof pouch so I can take pictures. Today, for some reason, water got into the pouch. I didn’t fret because I knew that my phone was somewhat durable with water. WRONG. I tried to use my speakers, and the sound was ridiculously terrible. It was screechy. I was about to use rice, until I found online that this app will remove the water. I tried it out because I saw that it had many good reviews. INSTANT RELIEF. IT SAVED MY PHONE. The audio was immediately cured. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS APP.

Cannot change frequency

I tried swiping up and down to change the frequency, but it doesn’t work on Apple Watch. Only on the iPhone version.


I’ve been working on it for weeks. It doesn’t work at all!!!

Helps get water out of speakers

When I got water in my speakers I played the sound on this app and it came right out

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