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So I heard the iphone 7 was water proof kind of so I gave it a try by splashing the phone with a cup of water NO CASE ON so then my top left speaker wasn’t working SMUSHED SOUND so I heard about this app SHOCKED it’s so great I gave it a try SO IMPRESSIVE u have to press the button that has a little splash of water TURN DEVICE FULL VOLUME do that for 10 seconds or a bit more MY PHONE IS LIKE SO NEW NO IT SOUNDS BETTER THAN BE FOR IS UR PHONE IS IN SAND OF SOMETHING TRY THIS APP OR IN WATER TRY THIS APP SOOOO HELPFUL

This is exactly what I needed at exactly the right price FREE

Thanks Bruno for offering this app for free. It’s a single purpose app but nicely designed. This simple app has many uses. You’ll have to figure those out on your own though since I won’t give you any hints ;). On behalf of the app community I thank you for putting this out on the App Store.

Awesome App

Really removed the muffling sound of my iPhone 7

Fixed my left speaker

Worked like a charm

More frequencies?

I used to be able to go to higher and lower frequencies on my Apple Watch but now it’s stuck on the 440. Is this because of new restrictions from Watch OS 4?

Don’t Download It

I downloaded this app and used it on My 6S and now I think it burned my speaker cause it doesn’t sound as loud as it was and yes i cleaned the Speaker Grille!!!

What everyone with a "waterproof" phone needs!

I took my IPhone 7+ in the shower, because well, it's supposed to be water proof! But I dropped it, and the top speaker stopped working. I thought I had busted it, no, it was water in the speaker. I searched what to do, and found this app. I was skeptical of this working, but I figured it was free so why now. I left it on 168 for about 5-7 minutes, and my speaker is completely fixed! I don't know why every IPhone 7 doesn't come with this standard.

I’m actually amazed!!

You know I’m a tech nerd myself and I never thought this app would ACTUALLY work. I normally use another tome gen app, but this one seems to work much much better. After using my 7 plus in the shower the speakers do get water lodged. You basically turn your ringer on and volume all the way up and swipe between frequencies really fast. Make sure to blow out the water out of the bottom and top speaker to assist it. My top speaker was very muted and sounded scratchy. After doing that process^^^^ for a minute or so it fixed it. I would highly recommend this app


this app totally saved my phone. I got water on my speakers and the sound got all muffled, and of course I started panicking. used this app at the 165 frequency for about 2 mins and all of the water was completely gone!! Speakers sound clearer than ever!!!!

Saved my top speaker!

I use my phone to play music in the shower. I got a few drops of water into the top speaker and rendered it useless. I googled how to get water out of the top speaker and I came across an article mentioning this app. I didn't believe it but decided to give it a shot. I did 165-167 for about 5 minutes and it works again! Highly recommend this app

Instantly Worked

I was listening to music in the shower and the speakers on my iPhone 7 were muffled so I used this app to get the water out. About 30 seconds and 165 Hz later, my speakers were back to normal.

I don't rate apps.

I frogging love sonic. It's gr8 m8.


Phone slipped into water- freaked out since speakers were all muffled & googled how to take water out asap. Found this app on an article & was skeptical but decided to try it & i'm so thankful i did! Phone sounds even louder than before! Yay!!!


Honestly i can not lie, This app worked for me, I was having a rattled sound coming from my iPhone 7 speaker and used the frequency 165z And it completely worked, I ran a cotton swab through the bottom of the speaker to get the excess out and when i played my music again it was perfectly normal.


I was taking a bath while watching netflix, and i accidentally knocked it in the water. The iPad was fully submurged. The speakers were all distorted so I found your app online, and it worked like a dream! Speakers sound better than normal now!

Fixed my speakers

This app is a blessing 😭 fixed my speakers that were mumbles by the water

Read reviews

Most of the good reviews are fake.

saved my life(my phone)

LET ME START OFF BY SAYING HOW GRATEFUL I AM THAT THIS APP EXISTS... and then it's FREE too. i normally don't write reviews on apps BUT i just had to for Sonic.. my story is just like everyone else's, i took my iphone 7 into the shower assuming that all would be okay since the iphone 7 is "water resistant." i got water in my speaker blah blah blah and i'm freaking out cause i paid $800-$900 for my phone. i found out about Sonic and let my phone sit at 167 frequency for 5-10 minutes(which is the recommended frequency for getting water out of iphone speakers) and now my speakers are completely normal again. so thankful that i found Sonic. it saved me like $1,000


You're amazing my dude.

It worked so well

I submerged my iphone 7 underwater to see what my music would sound like (bad idea i know) and when i took it out the audio sounded really bad and the bass was messed up. So i panicked and looked up what i could do, and i came across this app. I was very skeptical at first but once i used it i could see the water ejecting from the speakers. Thank the lord for this app, my audio sounds as good as new.


I was so scared that the water in my phones speaker wasn't going to be fixed. When I tried I the first time I could already hear that the water was out. This is truly amazing and I'm so happy with the results

Solid works perfect

Great app that works. Take your time with it and you'll be happy you downloaded it

Water Damage

Great app!!! Saved my speakers

Love it

I love all the free porn in this app. Especially the blonde bbw cumshots. I recommend for all horny people.


Works as advertised! Was scared and mad my phone was speaker was messed up after dropping it in the toilet and this app fixed it in less than 2 minutes. Genius


I am seriously not a person that rates many apps, but THANK YOU for this one! Like many others I had stepped into the shower and accidentally gotten water in my top speaker. I was going to soak it in rice but didn't want to, so I googled how to get the water out. I noticed in an article that this app was recommended and in LESS than TWO minutes my speaker was already back to working. So happy and impressed!

Sonic app review

Got water in the speaker of my new iPhone 7. Downloaded this app and it mediately shot water out of the speaker! great app!:)

Skeptical but it worked!

I was super skeptical but also I didn't want to have to go and buy a new phone so after being in the rain with my 7 plus I downloaded this app "to push out the water in my speakers" and after messing around with the frequencies for a couple minutes my speakers weren't muffled anymore

This app is amazing

Thank you so much to the makers of this app. My iPhone had a little bit of water in the speakers and I tried almost every method to get it out but it didn't work! Then I had seen a video saying that this app would work and sure enough it did. Thanks to this app my speakers are working again (:


Fixed my phone. Thank you!!!!! :)

It actually works for real

I dropped my phone in the shower listening to music. I read about this app on the internet. And though why not try it because it's free, but I was skeptical that it would actually work, and it did work. My speakers are great now!


I've been swimming with my iPhone 7,and after had muffed front speaker,played this and it's as good as new ! Actually works !


I don't normally rate apps but this one is an exception! 10 seconds playing it my speakers went back to normal! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Get it if you have water issues iPhone 7

Just put it to 165 and watch and hear all the water come out... this app worked amazingly

Found a Secret Use!

If you used your iPhone in the rain, you can use this app to eject water from the speakers!

life saver

i usually never rate apps, but i am so so thankful for this! i took my iphone 7 plus into the shower, since it's water resistant, and when i got out the speakers were muffled! but thanks to this app, after a few minutes of playing with the frequencies, my speakers are good as new! i am forever grateful!

Simplicity is a song of true advancement

This app is amazing. I have an iPhone 7 and I got it wet intentionally by bringing it into the shower with me. Once I got out I noticed the top speaker (where the audio for phone calls come from) was pretty muffled. I launched this app and 90 seconds later my speaker works like I just got it from an Apple Store. Pro tip: If you drop your iPhone in still (as in not moving) water it will come out (95% chance) unscathed. High pressure water will compromise your phone. Showers, jet streams, etc. Rigorous or permeable movement as well, such as swimming or saunas

I never rate apps but this actually worked

This app unmuffled my IPhone 7 completely, and I am forever grateful. Mess with the frequencies a little and it will eventually get the water out.

Fixed it

It took me forever to find out what was wrong I spent hundreds of dollars and this is the only thing that fixed it

Highly recommend

Messed up my speaker at the pool and played this for like 15 seconds and my speaker actually fixed 100%

Fixed my phone!

I read an article about some guy who used this app so push out water from his iPhone 7. I was being stupid and I dropped my phone in water. At first, it was fine but about an hour later I realized that the audio was groggy. Then, I read that online article and decided to try this app. At first, I was skeptical but after about 5 minutes of messing around with the frequencies, my audio no longer was groggy. I'm not saying that this is a definite solution to your problem, but it sure worked for me. If you're skeptical like I was, give it a try and see what happens.

Use it for pets

This app is great for training dogs when they are bad.


Don't trust low reviews.

Worked great!!!

I accidentally took my iPhone 7 plus swimming in the ocean. Took it out and the speakers wear really muffled and cracking. Threw my phone in some rice and still didn't help. Downloaded this app and played with the frequencies. Now everything is clear and great. Awesome app!


I guess I have nothing better to do 5 am in the morning. Great app


All the water came out of my phone I set it to 165hz and saw all the water come out speaker works again

An Amazing app my dude

I rarely ever rate apps, but I had jumped into the shower with my iPhone 7 plus since it is advertised as 'water-resistant' — but if It couldn't survive a trip in the shower who know what they mean by resistant— and when I had got out the upper speaker (the one used when calling) was super mumbled so I tried putting it in rice for an hour & nothing, it was still muffled. I then proceeded to blow dry it for 10 minutes and still nothing (also I'm not stupid, I put the blow dryer on cool so it would heat up my device). So I then googled ways to get water out of iPhone 7 speaker and when I read this article on a website I had thought it was some lousy app that just basically makes money from watching the ads. I was desperate and only had 2 options either give the app a try or making the purpose of the phone useless; since apple's 'water-resistant' iPhone 7 warranty doesn't cover water damage. So in less then 2 minutes of me switching the frequencies from high to low, I decided to listen to the same song I had tried to listen too prior to using the app and this time it sounded as if nothing happened to the phones speaker. I honestly don't get the philosophy behind this app, but thanks so much to the person who thought of creating it.

This is the greatest placebo app on the market

If you are considering this app your phone it is probably just been in water and you are freaking out. Well this app will make you feel good but it doesn't work. It makes cool sounds, it feels like you can hear water coming out at high pitches but it doesn't work and the panic of your speakers not working comes back and then you will waste more time thinking you did something wrong. There is only 2 things you can actually do to fix your water in a speaker problem.#1 wait for the water to dry from the speakers and they will be fine (2days for me), #2 buy another phone because it's broken. Still don't believe me? Think about it, this "water out of the speaker" sound problem already exists on the Apple Watch and works great so if only software can fix this problem on your phone wouldn't you think Apple would have already put it in an update by now. So read this and you can save an hour of frustration with this app. You are welcome sincerely-The guy who goes through the frustration so you don't have to

Life saver

This app helped me get water out of my top and bottom speakers of my iPhone 7+

Cool app

Nice user interface and extremely interesting

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